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Day Porters are valuable beyond traditional ways. The position of a day porter is so visible and interactive with tenants on a daily basis. They share regular workday business hours with tenants and have the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for your company.


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1. Make them part of your Property Management team – When you communicate with your Day Porters, you show you care and respect their input and you’re providing access for them to fully engage with the property team. Include your Day Porters in team meetings on a regular basis. Give them greater ownership of their role and help them understand the true value they can bring. They will enjoy knowing they can have an impact on tenant service, overall appearance of the building, and to the tenants and visitors alike.

2. Develop a custom training program – Beyond the day-to-day activities, provide training on how to engage with tenants, how to interface with the property team, how to identify potential problems before they become issues. Training communication techniques in how to respond well to the varying demands of engineers and tenants will develop more personal skills that will be part of a great atmosphere of service and collaboration – all things that make the landlord and property management team look even better. Continually refresh and add new material to stay current.

3. Designate specialist roles - At larger buildings where four or more Day Porters clean and oversee common areas during the day, assigning specialist roles is a great way to engage each individual in a specific, high-impact role ensuring that all priority maintenance needs are handled consistently. A few examples:

    1. Concierge Support – The key leader to assist the new concierge role.
    2. Clean Construction Support – Oversight of cleaning and safety needs created from ongoing construction.
    3. Crew Recognition Leader – Responsible for driving the recognition program for the day staff.

4. Look the part – As a building owner you have spent many dollars on acquiring, improving and maintaining your assets. Invest in attractive Day Porter uniforms that reflect your brand and the look you want in your building. Statistics show that people feel more confident and happier when they dress sharply. Include your logo on the uniform for everyone to see that Day Porters are an essential part of your team.

5. Metrics motivate – Establish key performance indicators to help manage and motivate everyone to do their best. Communicate expectations and what success looks like in the Day Porter role and help your crew prioritize and manage their time efficiently. Reaching those goals should be celebrated and rewarded. A great Day Porter can make a difference to your tenant service, retention, and the perception of your brand.

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