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Everyone who has a passion for cutting-edge technology feels excitement in early January. This is the time of the CES conference in Las Vegas; the biggest tech event of the year. Our team at Servicon shares this same passion! Every year we always watch closely for any innovations that may have a potential application to the janitorial world.

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  1. The mirror that is voice-controlled and the smart bathrooms of the future
    One of the devices that grabbed our attention this year is the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror by Kohler which allows a hands-free control over multiple bathroom appliances using voice commands. The new Alexa-embedded device provides users with the functionality of the Amazon Echo including shopping, weather updates, and traffic news. This product fits neatly into the concept of the smart bathrooms of the future where virtual assistants will help maintain public safety and avoid vandalism.
  2. The cleaning robots are ready to make a difference
    Robotics was another hot topic at the CES 2018. While janitors might not need a cute robotic dog-companion, there are indeed some interesting inventions that are relevant to the cleaning industry. One of those technological advances is the cordless window cleaning robot, Winbot X. This gadget can adapt to any window and navigate the area, regardless of whether there is a frame or not.
    Our team at Servicon is always tuned in to news about the use of robotics in the cleaning industry and even conducted our own investigation to find out if the Roomba vacuum could work in the commercial office building. Click here to read more!
  3. The platform that helps optimize your building maintenance
    Bosch introduced their cloud-based solution for optimizing the workplace. This new technology is a part of the Bosch IoT Suite and can analyze things like air quality and human activity in the building. By using a plethora of sensors this system provides information about the utilization of rooms and optimal use of cleaning services that can decrease resource waste. This new technology by Bosch is a great solution for effective facility management and proactive building maintenance.

Servicon is always eager to learn about new technology that may be able to optimize our processes and help our clients reach their goals. Visit our Insights Page to learn more about the latest cleaning advances implemented by Servicon.

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