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Neglected building maintenance issues can be costly and unsafe. Our info graphic highlights the 4 most common aspects that should be proactively checked for leaks, debris, damage, and rips. Identify these faciltity issues with your janitorial services team early and your budget will thank you.

Your commercial cleaning crew is a key component of your preventative maintenance program.

From leaking restroom fixtures to broken ceiling lights, facility issues can be a large drain on your company's budget. Empower your commercial cleaning team to stay in front of these building maintenance issues and perform routine checks along their janitorial services routes.

Building maintenance infographic

Take a copy of our preventative maintenance starter kit that looks at 4 critical areas in your building and focuses on the health and safety of your employees, tenants, patients, and building. Tell us on Linked In, what is at the top of your preventative maintenance list!

For more facility management tips check out our insights page at Servicon Systems.

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