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3 Smart Ways to Stand out from your Competition in any Industry:

Workers in line

1. You can’t be all things to all clients

Identify your company’s Best in Class attribute and differentiate on that quality. You can’t be the fastest, cheapest and highest quality. Pick two and do it with all your might. Target clients that value your offering and don’t waste time with those clients that don’t. Stay disciplined.

2. ID what matters most to your client

If you identify client goals and align your work to ensure they look great, it’s a win-win. Even better, do this at the start of the sales process and build trust and partnership from the get-go before any request for proposal.

3. Measure meaningful data

Once you understand how your service/product impacts the client’s goals, be open to measuring data that helps manage your product/service to the optimal performance satisfaction. Happy Clients...That's the end goal, right?

In summary, an honest approach to client satisfaction always wins. No company can “exceed expectations” in every category. Quality, Quick or Cheap, pick two.

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