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Servicon is on a mission to clean for health, not just appearance – Leading to happier and healthier tenants and employees.

Everyone has walked into a building and smelled that zesty lemon freshness and thought, “Oh wow, it smells so clean in here!” But is it really clean? Or is that smell just masking the bacteria and dust?

Servicon Cleaning for Health

In the cleaning industry, it can be difficult to persuade someone that the famous “clean” scent doesn’t necessarily indicate cleanliness. In fact, that scent itself often contains harmful contaminants! This type of masking began at the start of the industry when the goal of most organizations was simply to make the facilities look as pristine as possible- to Clean for Appearance. They used processes, chemicals, and equipment that cleaned the facility but would lead to potential health issues for their employees and damage the environment.

For Servicon, Cleaning for Health is a multifaceted program that involves both the processes of cleaning and the specific products we choose to use. With proper training and product choices, we can achieve the highest level of cleanliness while maintaining a healthy environment.

To take on this mission, here are 3 easy updates you can bring to your facilities cleaning regimen:

  1. Switch to High filtration backpack vacuums that improve indoor air quality by filtering particle contaminants in the air and by cleaning carpets and hard surfaces without stirring up dust. The operators can now work without breathing unhealthy air and improve their cleaning production rate.
  2. Choose chemicals that are DfE and Green Seal compliant. They are effective in cleaning and don’t add dangerous pollutants into the environment.
  3. Employ reusable, microfiber dusting cloths, which are far more efficient at capturing contaminants and at reducing waste caused by disposable products.

This not only leads to happier, healthier and more productive employees but also improves the quality of life for our clients and their staff. Studies have shown that employees will take 45% less sick days per year and will be more prepared to tackle their work. (See ISSA’s Value of Clean or Kimberly Clark’s Healthy Workplace Project for more statistics.)

This mission is on the minds of our entire team and brought into every interaction with our clients. Our President and CEO Laurie Sewell says, “The value of what we do isn’t just in taking out the trash or making things look presentable. We actually remove contaminants, allergens and germs from the environment, and our products don’t add to indoor or outdoor pollution.”

Our mission to focus on Cleaning for Health offers the best possible client experience and is the healthiest option.

For more on Cleaning for Health and innovative janitorial cleaning insights, check out janitorial services company based in Culver City, Servicon Systems.

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