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Innovative Company Creates New Executive Position to Facilitate Total Customer Experience

Servicon Systems Inc., a leading provider of sustainable custodial services for aerospace, military, commercial, public and institutional facilities, has appointed Chris McKee to the newly created position of Director of Client Support Services.

As Director of Client Support Services, Chris oversees all aspects of successful customer account start-ups, focusing on transition, quality, productivity, growth and positive customer experience. The appointment is a promotion from his former role as Servicon’s Director of Integrated Facility Services.

“Servicon’s goal is to make a difference for our clients, every day,” said Servicon President and CEO Laurie Sewell. “We are delighted that Chris will take charge of furthering Servicon’s tradition of the highest standards of customer service. We know we can rely on Chris to ensure we continue to deliver more and better sustainable custodial services that measurably improve our valued client partners’ ROI,” she added.

“The Client Experience”

Servicon created the position of Director of Client Support Services to facilitate the delivery of customized custodial maintenance packages through an innovative model of add-on services for customers that might include, among other services, utilities support, interdepartmental work, mailroom operations, managing recycling yards, and moving materials between operating cells. Specialty services might include, for example, repairs on existing facilities or ensuring that the “de-trashing” in aerospace facilities meets that industry’s specific handling needs for debris.

“In every case, we will use Servicon’s proprietary analytics to ensure that we reduce costs and improve efficiencies for our clients. My purpose is to act as an advocate for our clients and ensure that we are exceeding their expectations in our performance, cleanliness and every aspect of our work. Providing truly great service takes diligence, oversight and measurement and my role is to guarantee all three”, he added.

With 27 years’ experience as a facilities professional in the aerospace industry, Chris has designed complex material handling systems as Director of Facilities for Honeywell, where his expertise in process control and technical management succeeded in increasing machine uptime from 65 percent to 98 percent through total productive and predictive maintenance technologies at a 1.2 million-square-foot facility in Torrance, California. He earned his BSc in Industrial Engineering from West Coast University in Los Angeles. Chris also holds a green belt in Lean Enterprise Design, and is a member of the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA).

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