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Major waves broke throughout the cleaning industry last week as the FDA banned chemicals used in many types of Antibacterial Soap. The news was greeted with protests from the American Cleaning Institute and cheers from many environmental groups.

Antibacterial Ban Hand washing ServiconNaturally we contribute to hand hygiene through purchasing and refilling soap dispensers, and have found this new development important and are in complete support of this ban.

Servicon’s guiding principle is to clean for health and wellness, antibacterial soaps have proven to host negative side effects for the user and the environment, therefore they miss the mark for Servicon.

Triclosan and Triclocarbon are two of the chemicals on the list banned by the FDA. Side effects from continued use could be:

For the user:

  • Disrupt hormone cycles
  • Cause muscle weakness

For the environment:

  • Increase the growth of “super bugs;” bacteria that are drug resistant and harder to stop from infecting people.

So what do you do with this news?

Purchase regular soap and promote CDC’s hand washing protocol. Want to take that a step further? Provide access to hand sanitizers in or around restrooms!

It’s important to mention that the FDA is allowing another year for manufacturers to bring up data on a few more chemicals found in Antibacterial soaps – so we haven’t seen the end of them completely.

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