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Trying to go even greener at your facility? Learn the Key Benefits to Aqueous Ozone

OZONE Servicon janitorial

Ozone water has been around for years in the janitorial industry, so why all the hype lately?

To review, Ozone is regular water that goes through a treatment process, which converts H2O into Ozone (O3) – super charged water – which becomes a powerful cleaning agent for 4 hours and has been proven to clean as effectively as conventional cleaning chemicals. In fact, it has been proven to be more effective than hydrogen peroxide.

Janitorial supply Ozone table

*Attribute: Scott Postma Slade share on The Difinitive Guide to understanding Ozone

Aqueous Ozone made its real break out in 2001, when the FDA approved the technology to act as an antimicrobial agent on food. It fights salmonella, listeria and other microbes that could make people sick all around the world today. The results were safe and effective.

Ozone water as a cleaning agent reduces:

  •  People
        -Exposure to harsh chemicals
  •  Profit
        -Time training cleaners on multiple cleaning solutions
        -Investment in chemicals
  • Planet
       -Carbon Footprint
       -Transportation of Chemicals
       -Chemical storage
       -No package waste

So why is adoption still slow? The answer is inconvenience and delayed cost benefit.

Switching can involve some temporary but overlapping cost of current cleaning products and the purchase of the system. Initially, it may put pressure on an already tight budget but ultimately users will see a significant return on their investment.

The solution:
Have an Aqueous Ozone provider demo the process in your space and see if it looks like a viable option given your time and budget. Then convert to Ozone slowly with building owners who are most amenable and value the conversion to more sustainable cleaning practices. Focus on using up the current cleaning solutions in stock and invest in one Ozone fill station first.

Don’t forget a very important stakeholder; your cleaners! Ask them to test Ozone and give you their feedback. This strategy allows your team to integrate the new process and capture a complete picture of the analytics. If the data works for your organization your executives will be impressed with the new cleaning technology which positively impacts people, profit and the planet.

Don’t want to take our word for it? See how Western Michigan University created a healthier campus with Ozone technology and reduced their use of heavy-duty cleaning solutions by 80%.

The potential for Aqueous Ozone is so much more than a green cleaning movement…it’s a clear cleaning revolution. Stay tuned for more cleaning innovations from Servicon.

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