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When you hear that engineered water is going to disrupt the cleaning industry and potentially eliminate the need for chemicals, what do you do?


You invite the Clean Core – Aqueous Ozone team to prove it! (After all, Servicon’s vision is to Change the Face of the Cleaning Industry)

This month, at our Learning Center and Test Lab our trusted green cleaning mentors – The Ashkin Group - came to us with more fervor than ever about a product that has been misunderstood for years. What was their pitch? That engineered water, Aqueous Ozone, is ready to disrupt the cleaning industry as the next evolution of green cleaning. That is a bold statement and carries tremendous implications for our industry and our planet if it is true.


In simple terms Ozone water is regular water that goes through a treatment process which converts H2O into Ozone (O3) – super charged water – which becomes a powerful cleaning agent for 4 hours and has been proven to clean as effectively as conventional cleaning chemicals. This “magic water” returns to its normal state within 4 hours of being charged. Absolutely no negative effects to the people or the planet.


While the Ozone water process is not yet EPA certified, it has real promise and has shown to be highly effective in reducing bacteria and other contaminations. So, while the Clean Core scientists were here, we did a simple test and measured ATP concentrations on my hand before and after an application of ozonated water. ATP is an enzyme present wherever biological contamination (such as bacteria and viruses) is found.

We swabbed the back of my hand read and the initial reading was 105. Next, they sprayed the Aqueous Ozone water on my hand and lightly patted it dry. After another quick swab test, the ATP protein count dropped to 50!

With a light spray of Aqueous Ozone, the ATP protein count was reduced by 50%. Imagine if you were to clean a floor with Aqueous Ozone water while scrubbing it with abrasive pads. The Clean Core team believes the possibilities and applications are tremendous, and to date, all tests are pointing to seriously effective cleaning results, not to mention, this could be the next iteration of green cleaning!

Our next steps? We are installing an Aqueous Ozone water dispenser in our Learning Center in Culver City to test the product in various applications for the next few weeks. Once we feel confident in the system, we will go on a mission to understand the complete ROI. Stay tuned.

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