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“Commercial building space is undergoing a revolution,” says Anna Lui at Building Robotics. Servicon comments on how the janitorial industry will rise to the challenges she highlights in her Top 5 Intelligent Building Trends for 2016 article.

Buildings Smart 2

1. Buildings will become even more people-centric

People = germs. With a seismic shift towards wellness in the workplace in 2016, cleaning will finally get noticed for its contribution to health. Expect committed cleaning companies to implement the appropriate sustainable products, processes and a holistic mindset of training cleaning personnel. Reminding cleaners what they do makes a difference to indoor health and productivity produces an engaged workforce that takes ownership of the results. One easy product example is a simple vacuum upgrade. A study conducted by Quality Environmental Services & Technologies (Quest) found a backpack vacuum is 43% more efficient at removing dust particles than an upright. If your cleaning company says they are green and still uses a Sanitair vacuum, run!

2. Building IoT grows up...way UP

The internet of things is even launching in restrooms! You will soon see paper and soap dispensers with an inexpensive computer chip that will report the time until refill to maintenance and property management personnel. Gone will be the days when you receive a call from a tenant who is informing you that, “…the toilet paper on the fourth floor restroom is out.”

3. Interoperability will become a necessity

As part of the evolving approach to facility management, your janitorial quality assurance program can now be cloud based and measurable in real time. The janitorial quality data collected will further enhance your ability to holistically manage cleaning deficiency trends along with energy usage data, tenant complaints and work orders. This allows managers to see the interrelation of all of the data to drive proactive results.

4. Green Buildings will become Healthy Buildings

Contributing to the WELL Building Standard – Servicon has developed a customizable Wellness Cleaning Program that include marketing support to help make their cleaning contribution sing with tenants. This will be a combination of guaranteeing a reduction in germs, training tenants on how to reduce the spread of germs in their space and committing to a cleaning for health approach vs. a cleaning for appearance only.

5. Will Computers Steal Our Jobs? The Increased Role of Automation in Buildings

In the janitorial arena, the Jetson’s Nanny robot is still a futuristic feat. While we will be seeing a continued turn to a self-sensing, self-optimizing network of systems, janitorial operations still need human intervention. As talked about in previous posts, we believe the Taski Intelibot Floor Care Robot and others like it will continue to evolve and strengthen their ROI within the next few years.

The human touch in cleaning is still essential in 2016 and while time management will be supremely supported by automation and technology, we are still far away from computers cleaning entire floors, much less buildings. We still need expertly trained cleaning personnel to get the job done.

Where there is a real ROI for robotics, IOT and cleaning for health, Servicon will be the first to the table!

Continue on to the link to check out Anna Lui’s Comfy article on these Top 5 Intelligent Building Trends of 2016.

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