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The answer is...not just yet. Here’s why it’s not quite ready for prime time.  

Roomba pic


The Roomba™ Robot:

  • still loses its way in a large office. With a pre-programmed smart chip or GPS, future models will navigate your space more accurately.
  • tends to suck up floor lying power cords which stops it dead in its tracks
  • works on carpet but completely misses area rugs and stairways

While the Roomba is ideal for single-story residential use, other products may be better for commercial cleaning consideration. One example is coming from an innovative new company called Intellibot which has developed a product that solves these issues and is high performance in commercial settings. The price, however, is still high for the average property manager’s budget – the computer is complex and still in the early stages.

Servicon is keeping its eye on Intellibot and doing a demo of the product in our training facility this month to gauge its potential to increase cleaning productivity and deliver a good ROI for our clients. We’ll keep you posted on the pros and cons of what we discover.  More to come!

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