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An Infographic on the 4 Critical Aspects of Your Preventative Maintenance Program

Neglected building maintenance issues can be costly and unsafe. Our info graphic highlights the 4 most common aspects that should be proactively checked for leaks, debris, damage, and rips. Identify these faciltity issues with your janitorial services team early and your budget will thank you.

Servicon Systems our mission is Health and Wellness. Cleaning For Health

Servicon is on a mission to clean for health, not just appearance – Leading to happier and healthier tenants and employees.

Everyone has walked into a building and smelled that zesty lemon freshness and thought, “Oh wow, it smells so clean in here!” But is it really clean? Or is that smell just masking the bacteria and dust?

Be a leader in sustainability and green cleaning by switching your janitorial team to Aqueous Ozone

Looking for the next step in your sustainability initiative? Green facilities are eliminating toxic cleaning chemicals and using charged water for cleaning and disinfecting. The benefits are compelling!

Studies have shown that health-related employee issues have resulted in lost productive time (LPT) totaling approximately $225.8 billion per year – an average of $1,329 per employee – but employees can make a dent in those numbers.

Key Performance Indicators for the Cleaning Industry 2017

Does your Janitorial company measure the KPI's that impact your goals? Tracking this data adds accountability to the contract for ongoing process and a stronger partnership.

Understanding the return of your janitorial investment starts by knowing what costs you the most. 

Here are 3 areas that hold the key.

For facility services Transparency is King

3 Smart Ways to Stand out from your Competition in any Industry:

Here are 3 key initiatives you need to establish with your vendor to get the outstanding service you’re really looking for…

Inconsistent quality, disjointed programs and little attention on minimum wage complexities for differing regions define many national janitorial agreements

Savvy sourcing professionals agree that seeking cost savings for a national janitorial contract misses the mark.

Today, recent studies on employee satisfaction, talent retention and energy savings as well as WELLNESS certification programs are changing the dialogue on the value of clean, and progressive companies are taking a more holistic view with an eye on improving ROI.

Janitorial Cleaning Tips for Long term contracts to support your bottom line

There are big benefits to longer term agreement when it comes to a “must have” service offering like commercial office cleaning. Here are 3 considerations that justify negotiating a longer janitorial services contract and will start putting dollars back into your budget:

Day Porters are valuable beyond traditional ways. The position of a day porter is so visible and interactive with tenants on a daily basis. They share regular workday business hours with tenants and have the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for your company.


Are you leveraging your Day porter to be a spokesperson for your company's brand?

The Day Porter role is often neglected and underutilized in the janitorial cleaning industry but keen facility managers know that the right can be a breakthrough in customer satisfaction.