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Since 1976, Servicon's flagship service - custodial services for complex and high-end environments - has been the cornerstone of our business. With more than 35 years of building and sustaining long-term relationships with our clients, we take great pride in tailoring solutions that provide real and measureable ROI and an unmatched client experience.

Originating with aerospace and military installations and expanding into commercial, public and institutional markets in the 1980s, Servicon is also a nationally recognized leader in sustainability, and is CIMS GB certified. We service more than 100 million square feet daily, and down to every inch, we promise to create the clean and healthy environment that your business needs to thrive.


  • Custodial Cleaning
  • Clean Room
  • Floor care and Carpet Cleaning
  • Cleaning Supplies and Equipment
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Epoxy flooring

Custodial / Janitorial

Servicon Systems is changing the face of custodial and janitorial cleaning services with some of the most innovative advancements in the industry.


What Makes Servicon Unique in the Cleaning Industry?

Servicon utilizes the onboarding process as a critical step in engaging new employees. We want them to understand the value of their role in our company and how they contribute to the client’s mission. We follow through with excellent management and empower them with the tools they need to be successful at their job sites be it at a studio lot or a healthcare clinic.


Servicon specializes in critical environment cleaning and decontamination. We provide custodial cleaning services for lab, medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, and other critical environments and our services meet compliance standards for ISO 14644 1 & 2.

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Environmental Services

Servicon specializes in various healthcare housekeeping services and decontamination for lab, medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and other critical environments. Our compliance guarantees, performance measurements and highly trained personnel are at the forefront of some of the industry’s best practices.

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Servicon is the largest provider of cleared personnel in the custodial and integrated facilities services industry.

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Servicon Floor Coatings Division specializes in strong, long-lasting, non-porous and scratch-resistant epoxy coatings that protect your concrete floors from stains, abrasions and damage of every kind. Reducing your costs for maintenance and replacement is good business, and our high quality, durable, sustainable flooring not only preserves your asset but also maximizes your ROI.

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Our Supplies Division is a unique asset to our client partners and can serve as an extension to your purchasing team - from inventory management to bringing you the latest products. With decades of experience in the sanitary supplies industry, we have the expertise to carefully evaluate your needs, and deliver your best solution.

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  • Green Certified Products using only chemicals and products that are the most sustainable solutions available and include the green certifications.
  • Bulk Shipping that reduces material and transportation costs
  • Geographic Routing to minimize excessive driving and use of fuel
  • Client Supply History that provides client preferences to expedite re-ordering and delivery

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