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You’ve surely noticed the increase in media coverage surrounding the global spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We want to inform you of what Servicon is doing to proactively assist our customers and to protect your employees, patients, and our own team members.

Servicon has always viewed the work that we perform as the frontline in protecting our client’s health and with 15 years of experience servicing the healthcare industry, we are informed and prepared to assist you during this challenging time.

We’ve set up an internal Infection Prevention task force, and we’re closely monitoring communication from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other health organizations to help us respond properly.

Click here for details from the task force which includes different levels of cleaning that Servicon is trained in and can employ under various circumstances. 

Please note that the terminal cleaning is performed by specially trained, suited and equipped crews and as such may have limited availability.  Please know that we want to be available to respond to our loyal clients as quickly as possible and will therefore only be offering this service to our existing clients.

Additionally, Servicon highly recommends that you include your Servicon site managers and supervisors in your infectious disease site plan and development teams. We suggest the continued and increased use of hand sanitizers and that disinfecting germicidal wipes be made available for your employees to keep their areas disinfected between cleanings.

We’ll continue to share information as it becomes available and do our best to keep you informed about what we are doing as a company and how best to prevent the spread of the virus.

The safety of our employees and your building occupants is our top priority.

Warm Regards,
Laurie Sewell, President/CEO


Servicon Coronavirus Infosheet


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