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We are happy to announce that Servicon has achieved Tier 2 of Culver City's Sustainable Business Certification. (“CCSBCP”). This certification is designed to help businesses that operate with environmental consciousness to receive public recognition for their efforts.



In 2015, Servicon’s Learning Center received the Platinum LEED Certification. The CCSBCP is the next milestone in exemplifying a sustainable business model. This new certification acknowledges business practices that reduce water and energy consumption, prevent pollution, divert waste from landfills, and uphold social responsibility.

Servicon’s CEO/President, Laurie Sewell, shares her thoughts on why this certification is important for the company: “Getting the Culver City Sustainable Business Certification is a great opportunity for Servicon to be recognized for all the environmentally conscious operations that support the city. It is important for our company to go through processes like this, so we can better serve our clients who desire to attain similar standards and certifications.” 


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