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A great article recently published by Forbes magazine gives an overview of the 23 trends that will shake the business world in 2018. Our team at Servicon is a big fan of innovation and is always looking for new advances to improve our processes. Following the example from Forbes, we came up with our own list of trends that will affect service providers and their customers in 2018.


facility maintenance


  • Apps will make the job easier… for both, facility managers and janitorial workers
    Software applications are already a significant factor in the facility maintenance world. They provide a wide range of services from addressing the simplest daily needs to those that reduce man-hours on a weekly basis. An amazingly simple, yet helpful app is produced by the company, Comfy. This company is a provider of smart business solutions that allow tenants to remotely control their workplace temperature and lighting. Onvation Technology is also a great app that helps optimize the maintenance of facility restrooms by tracking their current conditions and alerting the cleaning staff of any upcoming issues that require immediate attention. Another app that the Servicon team appreciates is Smart Inspect. This software is a cleaning inspection aid that provides sophisticated on-demand reports to the clients.
  • Empowering employees with technology
    As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, it is expected to see a shrinking supply of the low wage employees in 2018. The existing workforce is retiring, and there will not be enough new workers to replace them. Under these conditions, it is crucial for service providers to attract younger workforce by offering solutions that empower the front-line workers to take control over their working hours, time off, and pay. In 2018, a new demand from the workforce is focused on implementing easy-to-use workforce management platforms that allow employees to track their hours and compensation. Many of those platforms also offer the unique opportunity to switch shifts with a teammate when needed. This is a great way to showcase the advantage of flexible schedules to employees, increase transparency and improve manager-employee communication.
  • Customized solutions to meet rapidly changing client requirements
    This trend is not necessarily new, but it is growing in popularity each year. Clients’ needs are changing quickly, so it is important that a service provider offer tailored services to support their customers’ goals and growth. This may include analyzing economic developments, employment market conditions, or technological progresses. In 2018, cleaning companies must offer solutions that help clients save money. One of those cost-saving solutions is utilizing the customer’s janitorial crew instead of high payed engineers to tackle simple facility maintenance tasks. This program helps customers decrease expenses while ensuring facility compliance.

New trends and technology are making their way into cleaning industry. Don’t miss out! Servicon is happy to be a resource of new cost-saving solutions for our clients. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about the latest cleaning advances implemented by Servicon.

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