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Coronavirus Infection Prevention


You’ve surely noticed the increase in media coverage surrounding the global spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We want to inform you of what Servicon is doing to proactively assist our customers and to protect your employees, patients, and our own team members.

Servicon has always viewed the work that we perform as the frontline in protecting our client’s health and with 15 years of experience servicing the healthcare industry, we are informed and prepared to assist you during this challenging time.

We’ve set up an internal Infection Prevention task force, and we’re closely monitoring communication from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other health organizations to help us respond properly.

Click here for details from the task force which includes different levels of cleaning that Servicon is trained in and can employ under various circumstances. 

Please note that the terminal cleaning is performed by specially trained, suited and equipped crews and as such may have limited availability.  Please know that we want to be available to respond to our loyal clients as quickly as possible and will therefore only be offering this service to our existing clients.

Additionally, Servicon highly recommends that you include your Servicon site managers and supervisors in your infectious disease site plan and development teams. We suggest the continued and increased use of hand sanitizers and that disinfecting germicidal wipes be made available for your employees to keep their areas disinfected between cleanings.

We’ll continue to share information as it becomes available and do our best to keep you informed about what we are doing as a company and how best to prevent the spread of the virus.

The safety of our employees and your building occupants is our top priority.

Warm Regards,
Laurie Sewell, President/CEO


Servicon Coronavirus Infosheet


commercial cleaning in California


The California legislative session ended on October 14th, and as always, it was a busy year for employment and labor laws. Here is a summary of some of the most consequential laws from this year’s session. Please note, all rules go into effect on 01.01.2020 unless otherwise noted. 

commercial cleaning in California


California-based janitorial workers are entitled to unique protections under the California Labor Code. See below to learn about 3 important California laws that operate to place restrictions on janitorial contractors, give janitorial workers additional protections, and create extra joint-employment liability between a contractor and a client.

commercial cleaning in California


The RFP process for a service contract at a large site can be complicated. Consider the following 4 steps to get a vendor who can provide a customized solution at the best possible price.

minimum wage increase


The minimum wage in various cities in California goes up on July 1, 2019. This information is critical for all customers of janitorial services.

Let’s get the facts straight!

cleaning performance reports


Janitorial costs are still one of the largest items on a facility manager’s budget. Year after year, FMs are still being asked to cut janitorial costs and improve the quality of services.

How is this possible?

We have a new technology secret to share with you, that will get you thinking differently about ensuring you are maximizing the ROI for your janitorial costs.

Are you leveraging your Day porter to be a spokesperson for your company's brand?

The Day Porter role is often neglected and underutilized in the janitorial cleaning industry but keen facility managers know that the right can be a breakthrough in customer satisfaction.

An Infographic on the 4 Critical Aspects of Your Preventative Maintenance Program

Neglected building maintenance issues can be costly and unsafe. Our info graphic highlights the 4 most common aspects that should be proactively checked for leaks, debris, damage, and rips. Identify these faciltity issues with your janitorial services team early and your budget will thank you.

Be a leader in sustainability and green cleaning by switching your janitorial team to Aqueous Ozone

Looking for the next step in your sustainability initiative? Green facilities are eliminating toxic cleaning chemicals and using charged water for cleaning and disinfecting. The benefits are compelling!

Key Performance Indicators for the Cleaning Industry 2017

Does your Janitorial company measure the KPI's that impact your goals? Tracking this data adds accountability to the contract for ongoing process and a stronger partnership.

For facility services Transparency is King

3 Smart Ways to Stand out from your Competition in any Industry:

Inconsistent quality, disjointed programs and little attention on minimum wage complexities for differing regions define many national janitorial agreements

Savvy sourcing professionals agree that seeking cost savings for a national janitorial contract misses the mark.

Janitorial Cleaning Tips for Long term contracts to support your bottom line

There are big benefits to longer term agreement when it comes to a “must have” service offering like commercial office cleaning. Here are 3 considerations that justify negotiating a longer janitorial services contract and will start putting dollars back into your budget:

Servicon Systems our mission is Health and Wellness. Cleaning For Health

Servicon is on a mission to clean for health, not just appearance – Leading to happier and healthier tenants and employees.

Everyone has walked into a building and smelled that zesty lemon freshness and thought, “Oh wow, it smells so clean in here!” But is it really clean? Or is that smell just masking the bacteria and dust?

Studies have shown that health-related employee issues have resulted in lost productive time (LPT) totaling approximately $225.8 billion per year – an average of $1,329 per employee – but employees can make a dent in those numbers.

Understanding the return of your janitorial investment starts by knowing what costs you the most. 

Here are 3 areas that hold the key.

Here are 3 key initiatives you need to establish with your vendor to get the outstanding service you’re really looking for…

Today, recent studies on employee satisfaction, talent retention and energy savings as well as WELLNESS certification programs are changing the dialogue on the value of clean, and progressive companies are taking a more holistic view with an eye on improving ROI.

Day Porters are valuable beyond traditional ways. The position of a day porter is so visible and interactive with tenants on a daily basis. They share regular workday business hours with tenants and have the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for your company.


Facility Services for janitorial cleaning in southern California.

Large facility operations are complex with high demands on cleaning. Studies show only 30% of employees are engaged in their work. For the cleaning industry where people are our bedrock, those numbers can result in a terrible ROI.

Laurie Sewell, Servicon Systems CEO and President, was recently interviewed for an article on BSC’s Realize the Benefits of Employee Engagement.

By positively engaging cleaners, BSCs can reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.

Originally published in Contracting Profits: Janitor Proud

Facility Services for studio cleaning in Los Angeles, California.

Studio facility operations are complex with high demands on cleaning. That is why it’s essential to have an engaged janitorial team motivated and empowered to react in a moment’s notice when called upon. While your facility team is supporting multiple events, shoots, VIP needs on the lot, your janitorial crew must be aligned and engaged in the mission for total success, every time.

Unlock your Day Porters potential to be your Brand Ambassador Super hero.

A clean studio can be a powerful place to spark new blockbuster hits especially when you don’t have to worry about the cleanup.

Antiquated Industries Need Disruption: Entrepreneur Left One industry off their list:The Cleaning Industry!

A fantastic article from Entrepreneur Magazine highlights 6 neglected industries that desperately need VC attention; Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Personal Transportation, Charity.

Trying to go even greener at your facility? Learn the Key Benefits to Aqueous Ozone

When you hear that engineered water is going to disrupt the cleaning industry and potentially eliminate the need for chemicals, what do you do?


“Commercial building space is undergoing a revolution,” says Anna Lui at Building Robotics. Servicon comments on how the janitorial industry will rise to the challenges she highlights in her Top 5 Intelligent Building Trends for 2016 article.

We believe the future of robotics is here! The question is, will robotics really raise the cleanliness of a facility and is there a reasonable ROI? Servicon went on a mission to find out...

The answer is...not just yet. Here’s why it’s not quite ready for prime time.  

Ten years ago the concept of prospective tenants requesting a LEED Certified business address would have been unthinkable. Today, green practices and sustainability are part of the common vernacular of lease transactions as awareness and education in both areas have become more prevalent.

At times, LEED certification has been the tipping point to closing a deal. Now a new certification, the Well Building Standard [WELL], is just beginning to gain global traction and commercial real estate owners are taking note. WELL is the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness and is certified by the GBCI which administers LEED certification.

Servicon Systems has succeeded in creating the greenest building around – the first LEED-New Construction Platinum certification in Culver City, for its Mahdesian Learning Center & Client Innovation Hub. The property held its grand opening last week, and unveiled the honor. The certification is the highest offered by the US Green Building Council.

Servicon Systems Janitorial Services President/CEO Laurie Sewell, District Manager and safety slogan winner Johanna Tomm and CFO Maritza Aguilar

District Manager, Johanna Tomm wins $200 tagline prize - Servicon's Safe and Healthy Program

Major waves broke throughout the cleaning industry last week as the FDA banned chemicals used in many types of Antibacterial Soap.

Major waves broke throughout the cleaning industry last week as the FDA banned chemicals used in many types of Antibacterial Soap. The news was greeted with protests from the American Cleaning Institute and cheers from many environmental groups.

People are the most valuable asset to any organization. Servicon Systems is bringing life to an antiquated industry through renewed strategy and innovation that changes how we engage with our workforce.

Executive promotions ensure Servicon can anticipate and meet evolving client needs in custodial industry



Innovative Company Creates New Executive Position to Facilitate Total Customer Experience

Sustainability Award Recognizes Servicon’s Mahdesian Learning Center, Culver City’s First LEED-New Construction Platinum Project.