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“We’ve been working together for over 2 years now and my team and I continue to be very satisfied with our partnership. The Servicon team routinely meets or exceeds all contract requirements, behaves with the utmost professionalism, and provides excellent service to our community. Our Servicon manager, Santiago, always responds to us in a timely manner and proactively conveys any changes in the baseline schedule. We have full confidence in your abilities to help us achieve our goals. Thank you so much for the exceptional service.”

General Services Manager at the City of Santa Clarita

Facility and janitorial services for Municipalities

For decades, Servicon has been providing high quality custodial and janitorial services to a wide range of municipal facilities throughout the West Coast: multi-site campuses, courthouses, civic buildings, libraries and other large and complex county sites. Many of these facilities are in diverse locations with varying degrees of complexity and compliance requirements. All have unique needs based on their purpose and client needs. We understand compliance standards, adhere to living wage requirements and have a rigorous reporting policy on performance, cost efficiency and proactive solutions.


  • Top compliance standards
  • Adherence to living wage requirements
  • Rigorous reporting policies
  • Epoxy floors and floor care
  • Cleaning/janitorial supplies

Accredited and award winning facility support services - The Servicon Difference

A signature of our service is the Servicon Client Business Review - a proactive audit of performance standards, work order response and safety. In addition, Servicon has a full-time CIMS certified, Compliance Officer to ensure that every aspect of federal and international standards are met. To see how the Servicon Difference can work for you and to receive a free review of your cleaning arrangements please complete the form below.

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