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We are a janitorial service company and at the heart of service is care and respect for everyone in our community.

When we first met the people at Hope of the Valley Mission, we knew it was the right organization to partner with to make a measurable difference in our Los Angeles community.

Hope of the Valley Mission is a local nonprofit organization for the California homeless and their mission is “to meet the needs of the whole person — spiritually, emotionally, and physically.”

To date, Servicon has served 1100+ meals to Los Angeles residents and contributed dozens of boxes of necessary supplies. Community service is not an obligation for our employees but an honor and an opportunity to improve the quality of our own lives. Compassion, empathy, and serving others are at the very core of what make Servicon’s culture so different in the cleaning industry.

Below is a Q+A with Stacey Wong, VP Sales, who spearheaded the initiative:

Why was it important to Servicon to work with a local homeless shelter?

We were so impressed with the Hope of the Valley mission statement and what the organization stands for. They are a small non-profit run by dedicated people who are helping people get back on their feet through job training, case management and recovery programs.

The heartbeat of Servicon has always been a people-first mentality and our involvement in Hope of the Valley has allowed our entire organization to serve others in a tangible way.

In what ways does Servicon serve at Hope of the Valley?

To make the most measurable impact, we support Hope of the Valley in departmental teams. Each team served meals, built relationships with homeless clients and/or cleaned the facility during our time at the shelter.

Additionally, each team came up with their own donation campaign to collect necessities like food, gently-used clothing, cleaning supplies and toiletries.

What has been the impact to Servicon from collaborating with Hope of the Valley?

Uniting around a mission to serve others has many benefits that go far beyond company boundaries. One of the reasons we chose Hope of the Valley was due to its small size. Our employees are building relationships, serving people directly and seeing the impact that they are making on another person’s life. The visibility of their impact really hit home and opened up their eyes to more possibilities of philanthropic endeavors for Servicon.

Below are a few quotes from our employees:

“This experience was eye opening. Although it was very sad to see people in so much need, it was nice to be able to help in any way that we could. They truly appreciated us being there. I can’t wait to go back.”

“It was a rewarding experience. I felt humbled and grateful to have been a part of the volunteer service yesterday. I would like to participate in more volunteering events in the future.”

Want to give back too? Click here to find out how you can get involved with Hope of the Valley or run in their yearly 5k Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving Day at the CBS Studio City lot facility.

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