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By positively engaging cleaners, BSCs can reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.

Originally published in Contracting Profits: Janitor Proud

Employee Engagment Training Laurie Sewell Servicon Systems Janitorial services

Last month, Laurie Sewell, Servicon Systems President/CEO, was interviewed on the challenges of employee engagement in the cleaning industry.

"Sewell’s approach to employee engagement is a little different. Servicon doesn’t have an employee engagement program, per se, but rather a company philosophy that breeds loyalty and creates what she calls “net promoters” — employees who are happy enough with their jobs that they advocate for the company in front of customers and potential employees."

Laurie Sewell goes on to say that building a culture of trust and learning will create loyalty; "We make sure our cleaners or custodians have the right tools and training and understand the value of their work. Workforce recognition and celebration should be the icing on the cake."

Read the full four-part article on employee engagement as a facility service provider here:

BSCs Realize The Benefits Of Employee Engagement

Understanding The Value Of Happy Employees

Compensation And Benefits Still Matter

Improve Employee Productivity, Efficiency Through Engagement

For more employee engagement tips from a janitorial service providers visit Servicon's Insights page.


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