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Studio facility operations are complex with high demands on cleaning. That is why it’s essential to have an engaged janitorial team motivated and empowered to react in a moment’s notice when called upon. While your facility team is supporting multiple events, shoots, VIP needs on the lot, your janitorial crew must be aligned and engaged in the mission for total success, every time.

Facility cleaning for studio sets and lots by Janitors 1

Empower your cleaners with these 3 elements:

  1. Start with WhySimon Sinek has unfolded, quite brilliantly, the concept of the “Why” behind your work. Ensure your cleaners understand the impact they have on the facility and how important their work is to the Studio brand and the health of the visitors and employees and the overall success of your department. Inspiring them with their own sense of autonomy, mastery and purpose is proven to setup a custodial workforce for success.

  2. Well-trained Supervisors – Great supervisors are the key to empowering the crew with excellent direction, training, communication and motivation that inspires the workforce to take ownership for the results. Make sure your supervisors are being trained on these management tactics and set the bar on employee engagement themselves - as the leaders in loyalty, work ethic and alignment with the client’s mission.

  3. On-demand Staffing – Ensure your janitorial company has the right staffing resources to pull from for above scope events. Over utilizing your current crew can negatively affect regular nighttime cleaning performance. Make sure they have approval to line up pre-cleared cleaning technicians from an outside roving crew or partner with a dependable staffing company to broaden their resource list based upon the need.

Proper prior planning is a critical element for cleaning success within a changing environment like a studio lot. Great communication and an engaged workforce will minimize poor performance and help the facilities team look like heroes.

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