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A clean studio can be a powerful place to spark new blockbuster hits especially when you don’t have to worry about the cleanup.

Super hero bannerWe’re not talking about Day Porters having super powers like x-ray vision, more the magic of proper planning and an effective production rate. Look at Day Porters as Brand Ambassadors that represent the studio and show your onsite production that you care.

A Day Porter has powers that are not just related to cleaning. Here are a few ways an energized Day Porter can be your studios super hero.

  1. Train to your mission - Don’t underestimate the power of feeling like part of the team. Engaged employees who know their value and mission in an organization will out perform others.
  2. Say yes to flexibility - In an environment where things are constantly evolving, it is important for the team to be in tune, flexible and to accommodate the needs that even Elastic Girl would be impressed by.
  3. Empower your custodial team to help guests - Being a concierge should be as easy for them as squeegeeing a window. Also second nature, is the ability to provide knowledge and guidance to guests and tenants that wander the hectic studio streets.

A Day Porter becomes a Super Hero when they have a positive attitude, are flexible and driven by customer satisfaction. Unlock this potential by collaborating and incorporating your janitorial contractors into your team meetings to align with your mission and build a Super Hero Team that meets your studio’s goals.

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