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Setting New Standards in Custodial

Servicon develops and empowers our supervisors and managers to raise the cleaning industry standard. Our Supervisor training program, hosted in our LEED Platinum Learning Center, is where we teach on topics like safety, innovative cleaning practices and management skills.

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From Our CEO: Coronavirus Infection Prevention

  You’ve surely noticed the increase in media coverage surrounding the global spread of the COVID-1...

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New employment and labor laws in California

  The California legislative session ended on October 14th, and as always, it was a busy year for e...

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3 California Laws that Affect Janitorial Companies and Their Clients

  California-based janitorial workers are entitled to unique protections under the California Labor...

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  The RFP process for a service contract at a large site can be complicated. Consider the following...

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The Minimum Wage Increase Will Affect Your Facility

  The minimum wage in various cities in California goes up on July 1, 2019. This information is cri...

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What Others Say

Servicon helped us to convert to a new system of consumable supplies. In doing this, we reduced our overall expenses significantly, much more than any other cost reduction effort. This is just one example of why we appreciate the services that Servicon provides to Northrop Grumman.”

NGC Facilities Team, Redondo Beach


"To date, our interaction with Servicon’s Area Manager and staff has been refreshingly different. They understand not only the bigger picture of our business objectives, but also the importance of the detail work that moves the dial on tenant satisfaction."

- Steve Pavlovski (Sr. Property Manager at Howard Hughes Center)

Los Angeles Business Council

Los Angeles Business Journal’s Best Sustainable Development Gold Award, as one of Los Angeles’ “biggest, best and most notable” commercial real estate projects of 2014.
Finalist in Interior Design Magazine’s National Design Competition, cited. For “the pristine aesthetics and rigorous sustainability of the groundbreaking Culver City project.”

- Los Angeles Business Council

"This amazing facility shows that you can employ green, you can build green, and, when you incorporate a green philosophy into your building decisions, you reap dividends."

- Sydney Kamlager, Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees and District Director for California State Senator Holly Mitchell

"Sustainability is about jobs, sustainability is about people. I'm proud that Servicon Systems chose Culver City, because we like businesses, but we love businesses that stand for something, and that do the right thing by their employees, by the air, the water, the natural resources. We are your partners, and we won't be strangers."

- Meghan Sahli-Wells, Mayor of Culver City

"The work that is done here is not only an example of job creation for the rest of the community, but also an example for all of us in leadership and in Sacramento. Servicon shows us that we don't have to choose between the two sides—that there really is a middle ground that can lead us all on to a better path."

- Matt Dababneh, California State Assembly District 45

“I've known Michael Mahdesian for a spell now, and I have an appreciation of his values. They are reflected in Servicon's good work, made known through the County of Los Angeles. They understand fair jobs, they understand fair wages, they understand what it means to keep our hospitals and facilities clean, and that's why I have such respect and admiration for this company and its work and for what Servicon has attained.”

- Mark Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

“I'm heartened by the Mahdesian family and the people that are the fabric of this organization and the relationships that they maintain with clients, because some businesses don't appreciate their employees, or try to cut corners and not provide quality services, but in Servicon Systems, you see quality...”

- Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, California State Assembly District 5

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