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The RFP process for a service contract at a large site can be complicated. Consider the following 3 steps in order to get the best possible outcome: a qualified vendor who is proposing a solution they are confident in at the best possible price.


  1.  Share the current staffing plan and statement of work with all the vendors. This includes verifying the staffing that actually sign in to the building (look at the sign in sheet history). Many incumbents will try to make it look like more employees are cleaning than actually are. This can lead everyone off target. It is the responsibility of the client to verify and share this info with the bidders.
  2.  Share current challenges and successes for the bidders to consider as they work on their proposal. Some clients want to get the bidders fresh perspective, but this can lead everyone off track as well. Similarly, it is easy for bidders to get arrogant, thinking "I know how to run this account" when bidding, but you and your current vendor know the true challenges. Sharing this data will allow the bidders to think through possible solutions and tackle these problems during the proposal process and upon starting up the account (should they win the contract).
  3.  Let the 2 or 3 final bidders present their proposal. You will learn a lot from who presents, how they present, what info they present AND you will have the opportunity to grill them with questions.

Remember the goal is to find the best partner (not just the best price). Many vendors can give you a low price without understanding the entire commitment. This will result in lower staff than can handle the workload required to keep your facility looking great. A great vendor will have confidence, understanding and even innovative solutions for you to consider during the proposal process.

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