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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question below or want to ask a question about any of our services please do not hestiate to contact us.


1. Where does Servicon do business?

Servicon is a multi-state business, currently performing work in California (Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County, San Diego) New Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia. We are open to expanding our out-of-state presence if the interested client is sizable and values a customized program.

2. Can you provide cleaners for restricted areas?

We have been providing cleared personnel for restricted areas since 1973 and have a sophisticated, secure and efficient process which saves our clients’ money by reducing escorting costs.

3. What industries does Servicon service? Who is the best client partner for Servicon?

Servicon services a variety of industries: Aerospace, Commercial, Studios, Refineries, Municipalities, Biotech, High-tech, Healthcare and Federal. The best partners within those industries are large, complex, high requirement facilities who value a customized program that aligns with their facility goals. Our managers are trained on treating and valuing our employees as a valuable part of the client’s cleaning solution, not as a commodity service. Therefore, our employee engagement levels are high and work performance is consistent and high quality.

4. Does Servicon have any certifications?

We are proud to hold a CIMS- GB certification, regarded as the ISO certification for the cleaning industry, that ensures our company implements documented processes for all aspects of our business. We also hold a LEED Platinum Certification for our Learning Center and Client Innovation Hub in Culver City, demonstrating our commitment to drive sustainability and training in the cleaning industry.

5. Do your employees hold any certifications?

We have developed a Supervisor Certification Program at our Learning Center in Culver City, an extensive training program for Supervisors and Managers to raise their level of management, communication and employee engagement. The curriculum focuses on areas such as motivating employees, client satisfaction, conflict resolution, etc.

Our trades personnel also hold various certifications depending on their position. Our Director of Facility Management holds his CIMS certification.

6. What services does Servicon provide beyond commercial cleaning?

Facility Maintenance, utility workers, restroom supplies and cleaning equipment, power washing, window washing, floor care services, marble maintenance, parking lot maintenance. We also have two separate divisions within Servicon, Epoxy Floor Coatings and Servicon Supplies which buys direct from manufactures and offers competitive pricing on consumable products.

7. Where can I look for Servicon’s job opportunities?

On the Careers page here

8. Does Servicon use sustainable and green cleaning methods?

Yes, it’s the only way we perform our work. Servicon was a pioneer in the industry and began our commitment to green cleaning in 2005. Since then we have implemented our green cleaning philosophy for all current and new clients. In 2008 we received the Ashkin Award for excellence in sustainability by the Ashkin Group.

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