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Careers in the Cleaning Industry

For us 'We Make a Difference You can Measure' is more than our company tagline. It is a focus of every employee from the top down – an integral part of our culture that we pursue, recognize and reward when we see it.

Sometimes we make a difference with broad strokes, other times with a detail. What matters most is that it is our priority focus at Servicon. It defines our culture and adds value to our clients, our business colleagues and each other.


Opportunities at Servicon

Servicon is growing and looking for people who can align with our culture and mission. We employ people in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, and Southern California. We are seeking individuals who have high performance potential with cleaning jobs ranging from janitorial jobs, floor tech jobs and custodial cleaning positions to corporate jobs like finance administration and training and safety supervisors.

People Who Value Learning and a Passion for Servicon

Servicon is seeking new employees with a passion for learning. We want team players who can put their passion into their work and can contribute to our mission of raising the bar on performance in the janitorial services industry.

'People over Profit' and Talent Development

The Servicon Owners, the Mahdesian family, values ‘People over profit.’ They prioritize investing in training and talent development to ensure we stand out from our competition and give our employees the opportunity for career growth.

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